Friday, 16 December 2011

Andriod GPS: Sygic GPS Navigation Maps v11.2.0

Sygic Aura Navigator v11.2.0 Maps(with .Apk by CNS Team)
Requirements: Android v2.0.1 and above
Overview: Maps, .apk and Base Files for the premium turn-by-turn GPS navigation app.
What's in this version:

✓Android 3.x compatible
In previous update:
✓Google Local Search™
✓Dynamic Lane Guidance™
✓Favorite POI import at
✓Visual notification of upcoming speed limit change
✓Interactive map - tap on any street, POI or photo to highlight it, then tap on the info bubble to choose action
✓Text-to-speech voice
✓We are working on solution for Samsung Galaxy S/SII problem

(Official Update: September 22, 2011)
More Info:
Files included:
Base Files with multi-language Voice & TTS for v11.2.0
.Apk file by CNS Team(v11.2.0)
Maps(Being updated)

Installation Instructions:
Download and install the .apk
Download the Base Files and desired Maps
Extract/unrar and copy the file 'Aura' (the base files) into the path /sdcard/
Extract/unrar the Maps (the resulting folder should read something like 'xxx.yy.2013.01')
Copy that into the path /sdcard/aura/maps/
If you would like to place the files in your external memory, follow these paths: /sdcard/external_sd/ and /sdcard/external_sd/aura/maps/
Only for the FIRST time: Launch 'Sygic Downloader' that gets installed along with the app. You might have to download a small amount of data (~150 kCool for the first time. It verifies and should show 100% against the maps you have installed.
Close downloader and launch the app.
Please do not attempt to 'Activate' the product. Your app will go back to trial version if you do so.
OPTIONAL: You may use an email and password to log-in to Sygic when it prompts. You will get access to additional features like weather, etc. without affecting the app.
Happy navigating! :-)

Download Instructions:

.apk-Update v0.3b 5.89 MB 

.apk-Update v0.2b(v11.2.0) 5.89 MB

Base Files with English Voices & TTS(v11.2.0) 337.25 MB

Base Files with Multi-language Voices & TTS 553.6 MB


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