Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Kehormatan di Balik Kerudung (2011) [Indon] DVDRip

Syahdu is a good-hearted woman, but hard-hearted. She lived with her mother and sister, Ratih. Although they live in simplicity, Syahdu loves her family.
Someday Syahdu intend to visit her grandfather who lived in other area. In her travel by train, she met with Ifan, a pious young man but open-minded, and smart. Ifan and Syahdu even more intimate. Introductions that ultimately growing the seeds of love in their hearts, but held in heart.

Is Sofia, Ifan’s friend in his hometown, who fell in love also with Ifan, but Ifan never take it seriously. Ifan still be nice to Sofia. While Sofia knows Ifan relationship with Syahdu, she was very tolerance despite her fear of losing her dream with Ifan.
Syahdu faced the harsh reality. His mother must be hospitalized with a great expense. Syahdu and ratih, confused must seek money for her moyher. In desperate situations, the former lover who is still trying to get Syahdu’s love, offering financial assistance to finance his mother’s operation on one condition, Syahdu must be willing to marry him. For the sake of their mother, Syahdu accept the offer.
Knowing Syahdu already married, Ifan disappointed. Angry. Feel betrayed. Ifan then married to Sofia, the girl who secretly loves her. And in fact, Ifan feel lucky. Sofia shows the sincerity of his love through his devotion as a wife. How grateful Ifan.
Is Syahdu and Ifan find their own happiness or just the opposite?

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source & kredit to: berdesup

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