Friday, 24 February 2012

Hantu Dalam Botol Kicap (2012) PPVRip

A Malaysian horror comedy about a couple, Aminah dan Hussin, who decide to pay a visit to their hometown with their three children, Azri, Epul dan Rina. In actuality, Aminah longs to ask her mother, Nek Temah, to care for her three children. A well-known shaman in the village, Nek Temah tells the three siblings about the dos and don’ts of the house or they will have to face the consequences. First, they cannot go out of the house after evening prayers. Second, they cannot enter the mysterious room in the house that is sealed with a red tape. However, when Nek Temah goes out to see a patient, Epul hears a sound of a bottle falling from the sealed room. He tries to open it, only to be stopped in time by Nek Temah. However, they are not so lucky the second time, when during a meal, Rina suddenly voices her desire to eat her rice with soy sauce. Following that, Epul suggested that the three of them open the door to the mysterious room to look for soy sauce. In the process Rina cut her hand, and without thinking, Epul uses a cloth binding the soy sauce bottle to stop the bleeding, only for a ghost to escape. The ghost tries to strangle Rina, but fortunately, Nek Temah returns home in time to expel it but only temporarily…

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